Institute in Lyon


We were so surprised when Elder Peterson and his companion walked into the Institute last night.  We have been transferred from Gap to Lyon to work with the Young Adults.
He immediately came into the kitchen to help us prepare a Mexican dinner and made the Spanish rice for me.  Everyone loved it.  But, more impressive was what he did later in the evening.
There was a non-member couple.  The wife is from France and the husband is Jewish and from New York.  Of course being from the East coast, Elder Peterson was able to connect with him right away.
He sat down on the couch with his companion and just started teaching them the Gospel.  The woman had had a lesson earlier with some other missionaries, but not the husband.  I listened to some of what he said and it was amazing.  He is really inspired and in tune with the Sprit.  You can be very proud of him.  I am getting tears in my eyes talking about it.
Then later, Dr. Toky, as we call him came up the stairs.  Elder Peterson asked him about himself and it a matter of minutes they discovered that Toky had served in Linda’s Ward!
Elder Peterson also had on his new gray French suit!  We probably will only see him again when he comes to Lyon for his release, but it was really fun to see him last night.
Sister Walker







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