Bonjour a tous…

Hello Everyone,

This week was destroyed by the train system but it’s ok, it all worked out in the end!

Last Monday we went to a members house who made us some amazing sushi! He is a sushi master and is from Cambodia but he works here and sends money back to his family. He is such a great man, so Christlike and loving. We see him 2 times a week to help him with his French, he joined the church in Cambodia but there is not a temple in that country, so now we are preparing him for the temple, so we help him with French so he can have sufficient understanding to go to the temple. He is amazing and has been making a lot of progress!

That evening we went to the Gare and picked up 3 other companionships who were spending the night at our apt before a conference in Bayonne the next day. We were attending a big conference so a bunch of missionaries came to just sleep in cities closer to the conference. We all get kebabs and had a great evening in the apt, the next morning… We had a train at 6:28 am, so we all get up at 5 and get ready, we walk to the Gare, it is 6:15.. We look up at the screen, there is no train at 6:28.  What!!!

I go into the information desk because the ticket office is not yet open, the guy tells me there is a regional train strike…. NOOOOO!! FRANCE!! Haha the month of January is full of planned company strikes. They say there are NO trains today, but we could go tomorrow… Or if we took a regional train TGV (fast train) we could go about 3 hours north and then come back south and be in Bayonne by 3pm… So no.

I call the assistants and tell them the situation, they contact the other missionaries, luckily from the other cities there are TGVs that go straight through to Bayonne, thus they could make it to conference… Everyone but us.

The office called me back hey and said we will go to Nice next week… Ok. Cool at least we will have the beach view there. 🙂 🙂  We sent the other Elders back home and during lunch I get a call from the assistants saying there is no room in Nice so we will be going to Lyon that Friday!

We went to work that day porting and visiting with less active members. Then Wednesday we work, we get to see some members and do some contacting, we tried to see one of the families that we found the week before but they said to pass another time of the week, but we got to do some very good work that day!

Then we leave Thursday for a 6 hour train ride to Lyon! It was great…. 🙂 🙂 At least it is time to sleep!

We had an amazing conference, the large thing we have been focused on is actually the Apostasy. There are so many people here in France that are against religion, and with good reason, they people have been hurt by it. The major force ruling Europe for many years called themselves Christians and did horrible things. This is what they have in their heads, it isn’t religion that they don’t like, it is what happened during the apostasy. Now when people reject me, I totally understand. I have been studying it, and they are right, it is messed up. However, what we have to share is not the same thing as they experienced. We are in agreement that paying to be forgiven for sins is bad, and that killing men of science is horrible. The President shared a story that happened when he was a young missionary here in Tarbes actually! He knocked on a door there was a woman that didn’t want to talk to them and he asked why she was so bitter against them. She responded telling that that years before, she had a child, he died as a baby and he was not yet
baptized. They took him to the priest and asked that he be given a burial service, the priest refused and told him that a service could not be held because the baby was already damned to hell. The husband did not accept that he went home and got a gun and threatened the priest, he got a burial service for his son. That was why this woman
hated religion, I am in agreement, I hate that situation too. But they then taught her about the joy and love that the gospel brings, about the light that come from the restoration of the Lords church. That all truths that had been lost are now again on earth 🙂 that touched her and she got baptized along with her husband.

We are here to announce the good news, that it is restored but these people may not understand that unless it had at one time been lost, that is the 2 parts of the restoration message!

Then after a little while we were brought up to an ampitheater which was built in the year 12AD. 12 AD – While Jesus was here, it was amazing. It overlooked the city of Lyon and while there we herd the testimonies of the missionaries that were finishing their missions. It was an incredible moment that reminds me of why I am on a mission and what I am able to accomplish, all of the souls I am able to help along the path of life!
Then our president testified to us of our living Savoir Jesus Christ,of his love and his sacrifice for us 🙂

It was an incredible day! That evening because we stayed the night in Lyon I was able to go to the Institute and help them with the activity there. It was great and we had a lot of fun, I was able to have a discussion with someone of the Jewish faith that had come the the activity, It was a great time and I am so thankful for it!

I am sorry I don’t have much time today! I love you all! Have a great week and I will write more next week I promise!

Elder Peterson,
La mission Française de Lyon.


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