Great Work in Tarbes!!!

Hello, Everyone,

Sorry about that last week, there was a problem with the churches email server and it said the message had been sent but alas.. Non.

But. Bonjour a Tous!

Life is going well here in Tarbes, time has been flying for me, I have been here almost two months already, it’s insane how much I have seen in my time on the mission, I have been gone for about a year and a half! Wow I can hardly believe it! It doesn’t seem like I have enough memories to fill a year and a half!

On Monday evening, we went to eat at a members house of whom the daughter is active in the church and preparing to serve a mission but the mother has been less active, so we were invited to go over and because of rules for the missionaries we were not able to go alone but we invited our AMI C to come with us and he graciously accepted. We went and had a great visit together, we didn’t just sit down and do a formal lesson t, it was more of a very natural visit between some friends, which is what they needed. Here in Tarbes, it is a little different, because we only have a few members we kind of have to be in the place of members and missionaries at the same time.  As an example, in large wards, the missionaries can be kind of robotic or just like really stiff and it doesn’t matter because the AMIs will see that the members are normal people and they will feel welcome, but here we have to play the cool members at the same time which is really nice, as we live our daily lives, we try to make friends in the city rather than just tracting/contacting and that seems to work the best.  We talk to store owners or the person that always walks their dog when we are coming home for the evening. We are friends with a lot of people and then they become interested in the gospel and it is a really great way to do things, they see that we are normal and that they can trust us.

Tuesday, we finished helping the family L move, it was actually a miracle, we had a couple people cancel on us and so I felt impressed to call a member and see if we could come see them, they tell me they are working on the move for his brother still so I say we can come help, it turns out, just about 2 minutes before we called they had prayed to get help because they had so much work to do and then we called! There are not many feelings better than doing something for someone and then finding that it was actually the answer to someone else’s prayer.

Wednesday, we went to President Grattepanche’s house to present them with the temple invitations that were given to us in Carcassone a couple weeks ago. We explain to them about the way to present these things, and then we ate an amazing meal with them. The President keeps bees! During, the cheese course we were eating goat cheese which my companion doesn’t really like 🙂 🙂  then I asked if we could have some honey with it and he breaks ourtsome incredible honey from his bees and we have it with the goat cheese! It was great and it completely changed my companions mind about goat cheese. 🙂 🙂

Then we went to see Fr P to help him more with French it went really well, he showed us a home video from a zoo he went to with his family and we had home explain it to us in French. He has been making a lot of improvement! He is such an incredible man, very spiritual and full of faith. Cambodia was ruled by a dictator when he was a child and when he was 14 his parents were killed by the dictator and left orphaned.  As an orphan but he always had faith in God, he didn’t know a lot about God but he had faith, and he has some of the most incredible stories about how God has helped him along the way! He has some incredible dreams, he had a dream of Jesus walking on the water towards him, and then the elders met him 2 days later and show him a picture of Jesus walking on water and that is when he got is testimony! He didn’t know who Jesus was! He is incredible and his stories are endless!

Thursday, my companion was sick from the helping that family move, it was cold and he got sick again, the problem is that we were almost better and then bang, it hits us again!

Friday, we went and visited a couple of less active people, the first person is J who we have been trying to help quit smoking for a few weeks and we get there, he is obviously on drugs because he could not stop laughing. No matter what we said he was busting up about haha, it was really sad that he was such a slave to these substances but at the same time is was hard not to laugh when there is a 55 year old man laughing at every other thing you say… Anyway we got out of there fast…

Then we visited the other less active who is pretty much back to full activity! He is doing so well and he is working towards getting a temple recommend so he can go to the temple in August! We shared a talk called “nuln’etait Avec lui ” no one was with him. By Jeffery R Holland, it is amazing and it touched him a lot because he often feels alone, he is divorced and doesn’t have a lot going for him so he really loved this talk about our Saviors path that he suffered alone so we don’t have to. 🙂

Saturday, was really good, we saw an old AMI that had called us, his name is N and he is in the French military, so he is often away on missions in Africa. However, when he is home he loves seeing the elders and talking about God, we will see where it goes this next time! It went well and he is open to our message. We are hopeful!

Anyway that’s all folks!

Love you all!

Elder Peterson,
La mission Française de Lyon.


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