Plagued with Internet Problems…

Hello, everyone,

Let’s hope not to get a repeat of last week’s email! Haha sorry about that 🙂

This week was fantastic!

The Lord has been working really hard here in preparing people for us to teach and to invite to come unto him!

This has really been the first normal week of the full transfer! Haha, no crazy travel plans or meetings in far away places, only one day out of city and that is a-ok with me!

Tuesday was a very important day here, it was pretty fat, we ate a lot of crepes you know why? It was fat because of the crepes, but the word fat in French is Gras, and it was Tuesday, and French the word Tuesday is Mardi… Which means… MARDIGRAS! :):) It was really different this year, last year I was in Montpellier which is a big city with lot of students and so there was a huge parade of about 7000 people going through the streets wearing WIERD things… It was a real party 🙂 :). However, this year it was POURING rain. Like wow, a lot of rain, so we really didn’t want to be knocking on doors during that kind of weather, especially not on Mardi Gras (elders in another city near us, did it.. and were welcomed by an old woman who answered the door in a bunny suit.) We got an RDV to have crepes with a member, it was a really good evening and we felt very French.

Wednesday we did have a meeting in Toulouse, we went EARLY in the morning, on what we call the waffle train because it is at 6:42. We skip breakfast and buy a waffle from the vending machine at the Gare. The waffle train gets us there at about 8:30 and then we walk down to the church, it was raining.. As it was all week. We got there and dried off, and started preparing the lunch stuff to make after district meeting. I made pizza sauce from scratch which was super yummy 🙂 and then we had a great district meeting. This meeting had no outline given by the mission, and our district leader asked each of us to talk about a topic for a few minutes. I chose to speak of the worth of a soul, it is a topic that is very special to me. It is the knowledge that God knows us as individuals and that he wants us to succeed, he is a loving father, and like any father he wants us to become like him, he wants us to learn and to improve, to fall and then to lift ourselves up, to progress. the worth of a soul is in its capacity to become like God.

Then after the meeting, we split up and worked with another missionary for the afternoon, I was with Elder Pesnel who is an amazing missionary, he is still pretty young in the mission but he is great. We hit the streets and started talking to people, in the rain:) 🙂 and there was one woman that stopped to talk with us who was a Jehovah’s Witness, she was very kind, but there were a lot of passive aggressive comments made. 🙂 It seems that the JWs always do. However,  we ended on really good terms and we testified about the truthfulness of the Book Of Mormon.  It was evident to us that she was touched by the spirit and she knew it. 🙂

Thursday we helped a family move for most of the day, they are a really great family here and they have 2 kids. They bought their first home so they were very excited to move in! And guess what… the rain stopped so we could get them all moved in. 🙂 It was a good day.

Friday we got our transfer calls and we are both staying here! This is the first time on my mission that I am staying with a companion, we are very happy to work together so it is going really well! President told us the Lord is preparing this city and a lot of stuff is going to start happening…

We saw the miracles starting to flow the very next day!

We got out of our apt after our studies on Saturday and then we saw a woman who we had met on the bus a few days before, she stops us and asked if we could meet the next day!  We say of course! Then we go and help Fr P with his French like every Saturday so he can get ready for the temple. It is going really well and we are seeing a lot of progress. After that, we go home and I make some cookies to bring to a family that we had met a couple weeks ago who invited us in to talk for a little while, they were supposed to call us and fix an appointment but they had not so we decided to make cookies and stop by.  We go by and he invites us in immediately, we sit down and talk to him for a while before his wife gets home and then she joins the discussion. It was incredible, it wasn’t like a normal lesson but it was like we were friends and we were talking about like every subject! It was great and then they fix an RDV with us for next week to eat with them! They are Muslim, he is from Senegal and she is French, she recently converted to being Muslim but they are not practicing, they only pray in their home. It is the only way they have come to learn about god. But they are very open 🙂

Then Sunday, we have a great time at church and then we have this meeting with this woman we will call her P and she is 57, she is so kind, she got us some Hot chocolate and we talked about “Le Bon Dieu” for about an hour, she is very believing and she has seen the missionaries on the street for years but they never seemed like the right ones to talk to but when she saw us she was like, ok. it’s time. She has also written books about genealogy! What a perfect person to be taught! She said she will bring the books next time and we will get them into the church database through the website.

Are you keeping count?  I hope so because that is already three new Amis! Then this morning we got a call… It’s an old AMI, of the elders and he asks if we can see each other Saturday… We said sure and he gave us his address! We look at his paper from the old elders and it says “wants to be baptized but is leaving for Army, contact when he gets back”!!! 🙂 🙂 It’s so cool!  We are excited to see how that goes but we know the Lord is working hard here and I am humbled and so thankful to be his hands!

De fond du cœur,

Elder Peterson,
La mission Française de Lyon.

PS. I sent this last week, but there was a server problem in the church


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