Another great week in Tarbes!

Wow, another great week here in Tarbes!

This “winter” has been just rain, a lot of rain, every day, Rain…We looked at the weather for next week and the sun and warmth of spring are quickly coming our way! So we are happy about that. However, the rain has not stopped the work of the Lord from progressing here in the south of France!

As I mentioned in just 8 days we have one of the Lords 12 Apostles coming to our mission! Thus we have fixed appropriate goals that will stretch us to prepare for conference in presenting photos of 187 new people committed to baptism before he comes! When we set the goal as a mission 3 weeks ago we did not even have 187 people on the list! So we set this goal to more than double it! We are working really hard to get it! There are 187 missionaries, so we are working as an entire mission to have “1 engage par missionnaire” so far we have not been able to get one from Tarbes but this week we did a lot of work in preparing and meeting some new people so we are hoping to fix dates with them for this amazing ordinance of baptism.

On Tuesday, we had a meeting with a woman who we have not seen at church for the last month and a half and we sit down in a park to talk to her and she tells us that she was in Toulouse for business a few weeks and it turns out she was going to church there in Toulouse! 🙂 🙂 🙂 It was really great to hear, especially because she is preparing to go to the temple in the fall for the first time so we were really hoping she could and she is still on track! That makes us really excited! Then in the evening we had a meeting with a family that we met a few weeks ago. The father comes from Senegal and the mother is French, they were so kind to invite us to come and eat Mafé which is like a dish with meatballs cooked in a spicy peanut butter sauce! It was great and at the end of the meal we gave them a copy of the Book Of Mormon and signed it as a gift to them, they are so kind and we are going to their house to show them, how to make tacos this weekend because my companion is Mexican and my mom is from southern Cali so she always made great Mexican food! We are praying that they will become more interested in our message!

Next day we had an exchange with the elders from Toulouse, I went to Toulouse and was working with Elder Jenkins who I have known for a while on the mission, we were able to go do some contacting in a place called Capitole which is a market with a big open part, so as we are walking there a woman steps out of the crowd and says “Hey Elders! Do you speak English?” (With an Australian accent) and we, of course, responded yes! Haha she is a member of the church that has been here for 6 months and she was with her husband who is here playing rugby, he is not a member and she didn’t really know what time church was, so we exchanged numbers and told her when church was and she seemed really excited to come back so that was a really great miracle! And it’s also good because there are some American families here, they do a translation with headsets during church so she will be just fine!

Then at the market kind of talking to the people selling the things and then out of nowhere is just starts pouring rain like really hard and the wind blows through the market, one man’s stand, where he was selling books, half his umbrella fell and all his books were getting soaked! We ditch the guy we were talking to and run over to help him get all his books in boxes, once it was all sorted out he thanked us and we were on our way, we go back to the man we had left behind and he seemed very impressed that we ran to help the other guy like that and he accepted our card and hopefully he will see the missionaries in Toulouse very soon!

After that, we went and taught a family that has been Amis for a long time, we went with a member who could help us teach and it went very well, we talked really about the importance of our personal testimony and the importance of understanding the apostasy and the restoration of Christs church the really seemed to feel the spirit and the father said the closing prayer with tears growing in his eyes, it was a beautiful lesson and I feel so blessed to have been there as an instrument of the Lord.

After that, we went to Institute class (a religious study for young adults) because they have an Ami, that attends regularly, the lesson was about the importance of our living prophets and apostles and the modern scripture that we have from them that adapts to the current situation 🙂 it was an edifying lesson and then we ate some hot dogs and cheese (duh) together 🙂

I don’t have too much time, I need to get faster at typing! 🙂 🙂 🙂 My companion plays piano when we do emails, so I cannot do it on the computer, thus I am slower but it’s ok because he gets better at piano and I get to listen to it! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Love you all, thank you for your love and support!

Elder Peterson,
La mission Française de Lyon.


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