The Lord’s Work in Tarbes

Wow, another week has already past. I have no clue where to start because when it goes that fast it’s hard to remember all the details.

Well, it is my second week with Elder Smith, he is a really great guy and his progress in French has been incredible. I am super proud of him for the work that he has been doing in learning and asking questions to better understand.

Anyways, so last week we went to Lourdes for p day so we could show it to Elder Smith and Elder Keller who just got transferred to Pau, another city which is not too far from here. We had a great P-Day together and were able to see some of the beautiful architecture.

On Tuesday, we had an apt inspection, so we made sure the apt was in good shape and then went out to do some contacting and to got finish watching the last session of general conference. This conference was incredible, the messages really sunk deep into my soul and I had prepared some questions that were primarily based on the topic of returning
home and what I should do during these next few months of the mission. I really felt edified and recharged to start more work and to hit the ground running.

After watching conference we found out that the senior inspecting couple would be inspecting would be arriving at around 6. I decided that we should make a meal for them so I prepared a couscous with some crépes for dessert. They came and we had a really great time eating and talking, it is the Metcalf family and they are on their 3rd mission! They were able to share some great stories with us and it was a great time together. Guess what
they said the apt looked perfect. 🙂  (You are welcome mom… I learned to pick up my room)

Wednesday was a great day! We went and saw Fr Pho who is the brother from Cambodia and who we help learn French, we talked with him for about an hour, it was really great seeing him express himself better every time we see him. Then we went to see SR D with her son, which was really special because she lives alone so we are not often able to go see
her, it was great to go with her son P who we have recently reactivated, we shared a message from the general conference and it was great, I really love their family, her daughter lived in Montpellier. She was the first member I visited and the first one
who fed me, and being from the reunion island it was really great! Hahaha. I have felt a great love for them and I have been working on doing whatever I can to help them through any challenges that they might face.

After that, we got on a train to go up to Toulouse for a zone training, we decided to take it that evening because otherwise we would have to leave at 6:42am and we did not want to have to wake up at 5… Haha, anyway it was a great time and we slept at the Zone Leaders apt. Some other elders were there as well, my old companion Elder Peron was there! It was so nice to see him again. This was the companion that helped me the most with French, given that he was French. 🙂 🙂 🙂  We had a great time and ended up talking really late…. Probably slept less than if we had taken the train the next day but we live with no regrets!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 :O)

The next day we had a great zone training which was largely based on safety and emergency preparedness as it is a pressing matter here in France at this moment, it was really good and we feel prepared if we need to react at any given time.

Then we had an exchange with our District leader and his comp (Elder Peron). We went and visited a family who lives in between our two sectors and it went really well, we were able to teach about the importance of prayer and studying the scriptures along with the importance of church attendance and how they all these activities work to support and grow our testimony.  It was a great lesson closed by a great testimony by Elder Smith! It was great and in almost perfect French.

All in all the week was really good, we were able to meet a few new people and we should see them again this week, more on that next week!

I love you all and I thank you for your support and prayers.

Elder Peterson,
La mission Française de Lyon.


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