News from Tarbes

Hello, everyone !

It’s been a while since I have sent a newsy letter, sorry about that! Anyway, in the last couple weeks, a lot has happened!

We met some great people and got some new Amis, that have a lot of potential.

Particularly there was a great miracle a couple weeks ago in the Gare, we had a couple RDVs fall through so we decided to stop by the Gare to print off tickets. While I  was standing at the machine printing the tickets and then a woman walks up to my companion who is standing a bit away, and she asked if she could talk to him and because he is just learning French he calls to me and was like “hey, she wants to talk to us” so I introduce us and ask what we could do for her. She asked where the church was, I showed her on the iPad and then said “well we could maybe meet up during the week to discuss and teach about the church” then she says “Ce n’est pas la peine, Je suis membre”!!!! (Which means: it’s not worth it, I am a member!)  Anyway, it turns out that she was baptized in Ruanda a year ago and she moved here in December and has been looking for the church since! She had been praying to find it and one day she happened to be there in the right place at the right time. I am sure it was inspired that we would go and get our tickets at that very time. There is a reason for everything and it’s super cool to be able to be the Lords hands here in Tarbes, anyway, a bigger part of the miracle is that when she joined the church in Africa her husband was already here in France so he didn’t know about the church. When she got here he was so impressed by the changes that she made, how she prays and he wants
that in his life. We went out to their home and we were able to teach him, he is a great man and I am so excited to be there to help him to build this relationship with his Heavenly Father.

So that was a great miracle!

We have also been able to re-contact some old Amis, 2 of which have become new Amis, we have J who is from Guadalupe, he is in a band that plays happy islander music and he has a lot of amazing talents and hobbies. He has an illness that requires that he use a wheelchair but that doesn’t stop him from following his dreams and working on his hobbies.  He is very talented and he has built almost all the furniture in his home, the only unfinished thing is his table that has been serving as a work bench for him.  When he completes all his projects, he will finish the table. It is a really great image for him, he works on every part of his life and at the end he will know, it’s really cool, he has accepted the JWs in the past and the Elders back in 2008 so he has a lot of info in his head and we are helping him straighten it out, he thinks almost constantly about God and Jesus Christ. He is a great guy looking for the truth so he can commit and follow the Lord by showing faith in his commitment.

Next, is L he is an old AMI who had been taught and dropped a few times by the elders, we called him and asked if we could see him just an hour later and he was willing so we went by, he has been studying the Apocrypha which is a selection of books published in the original 1611 King James Bible.  They were once positioned between the Old and New Testaments but were removed after 274 years in 1885. The Catholic Church uses some of them still. He been using these in his studies he has found answers to a lot of questions but even more were, been brought to his attention. He really wants answers and during the RDV we discovered that he had never actually read the Book Of Mormon…. Duh, that’s why he is having so many questions! 🙂 🙂 We challenged him to read it, he seems willing and it seems he trusts us. We were able to talk about his studies and that caused him to trust us, having a basic understanding of the Apocrypha I was able have a connection with him and it was great and we are excited to see him again!

We are still doing French class for the member from Cambodia every week and he is improving a lot!

We met a man named Harvey and he wanted English class, he was taught English years ago by missionaries in Toulouse so when he met us in Tarbes he was pretty excited, we have taught him twice now. He is a practicing Catholic… He told us the first day when we set up the English class “do not preach to me, I just want to learn English” then at the end of our little English class, he asked, “so, what is the difference between Catholics and Mormons?” 🙂 🙂  Now, we have started teaching him and he has accepted a Livre De Mormon.we have class, with him every week so we will see how this progresses!

Elder Peterson,
La mission Française de Lyon.


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