Transfer Calls and an Unexpected Adventures!

This week was very interesting and full of unexpected adventures…

Last week we had a lot of problems with train strikes during which we had to leave some of our bags in Toulouse with no way to recollect them before returning to Tarbes, thus on Sunday night we had to go to Toulouse to get the stuff that we had left there, then we spent Monday PDay with 6 other missionaries up there. It was great, we went and got some Chinese food and went thrift shopping, it was a nice relaxing time between friends that we needed with what was laying ahead…

Then we go home and all is well on Monday night.

Tuesday, we were invited to a members house to try Beef Tongue! I was very excited to try it for the first time, not because I thought it would be good, but because it was Cow Tongue. We had a really nice time with them and were able to talk about one of the talks given during this last general conferences about scars and the atonement, how we all have scars from our lives and I was thinking something beautiful about scars is that if you have a scar, it means you are no longer bleeding, that healing has taken place, it doesn’t change the fact that you were injured but you are no longer in pain, you are healed and rebuilt, that is something so important about the atonement of Jesus Christ, you can be healed and built back up to stand strong again.

After that, we had an “Etat de Lieu” which is a sort of inspection on a new apt to see if there are any existing problems so that after we aredone with the apt they will know if we broke things… Anyways, we had that and then we got keys to our new Apartment!

Afterward, we hopped a train back to Toulouse that evening because the next day we had a district meeting, and it’s easier to take the train at 6:30 in the evening than 6:30 in the morning. 🙂 🙂 We took that two hour train back up and stayed the night with some of the Elders in Toulouse.

Wednesday, was one of the best days of my mission turned into the worst day of my mission…

In the morning, we got ready and go out to the church to have district meeting, I was in charge of making lunch so before the meeting I prepared everything and started it cooking. (so it could cook for a good two hours and be great! 🙂 :)) Then we have the meeting, it was incredibly edifying, we each got a few minutes to teach our fellow missionaries about the topic of our choice, I choose patience and my companion, Elder Smith chose Humility. It was great being able to discuss our Savoir and what a perfect
example he is to us all. The meeting ended by the powerful testimony of two missionaries in our district that are finishing their missions at this moment.

After the meeting, we share a wonderful Couscous together and while we are eating chocolate cake we do a game called “bible prophecy” which we always do at the last district meeting before transfer calls.  It goes like this:  we have someone close their eyes and say stop to someone flipping through the pages of a bible and then we have them say stop when someone has their finger hovering over the verses, it’s not serious stuff but we do it every time for fun. Depending on the scripture chosen it tells you what will happen, so we get those done and we were all laughing and having a good time, it was a great meeting.

Then………….. The devil makes his appearance!

We go to the Gare to get our train back to Tarbes, there is a man that comes and asks if he can sit with us, given he was British and my companion is also British he wanted to talk, so we say of course, no problem. He sits and then just starts kind of giving us a hard time
about how we are wearing plaques that say Jesus on them, and then he gets a beer out and starts being a real jerk for lack of a better word. He begins swearing at us and calling us names, the tells my companion to leave because I am American and I am brain-washing him and that I am controlling his life. A bunch of crazy stuff like that. Then he starts getting aggressive and slaps us around a little and grabs us by the necks, it was crazy, like because he was British all the swears he was throwing at us were cutting pretty deep. I know when French people swear, but it doesn’t really hurt at all because those words are not inherently bad in my head, but this man was using all of English swear words I have ever heard… And more. Anyway, it was THE MOST spiritually, physically and mentally exhausting experience of my life, did I mention it lasted for 2 and a half hours?

I had never met such a nasty and horrible person in my entire human existence, we did nothing wrong, we answered any questions he asked. He was only there to hurt us and that helped my testimony grow that God is working hard but so is the opposition, Satan is working hard to break us down but he cannot succeed, it was an incredible learning
experience for us that day on the train.

My companion and I spent some time analyzing the situation figure that there is only one reason for why that would happen to us….We are seeing a lot of miracles here in Tarbes recently and we have been helping a lot of people, we had just finished an incredibly
edifying meeting and our spirits were high. The reason is that someone wanted to break our spirits and tear us down, and it was not our Heavenly Father that’s for sure.  Then we ate some ice cream and that made everything better. 🙂

Then, for the next couple days, we were moving to the new apt, we had some other elders come down with a van and we got the move done in a day and a half, all went well
except….. There are a lot of national holidays here in France thus the electrical company has not yet been able to turn on the power…

We had to throw away all the food that we could not eat fast enough.. And for the time being, we do our evening journal writing by candle light 🙂 :).

We have still been able to see a few of our Amis this week in spite of opposition. The progression is great for these people and I feel so blessed to be here doing this work.

We got transfer calls and we are staying in Tarbes for another transfer together! I am excited, I assume this is going to be my last transfer here so I will try to make the most of it 🙂

I love you all

Merci pour votre amour et votre soutien, vous me manquez trop.
Elder Peterson,
La mission Française de Lyon.


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