A Super Great Week!

This week was very good!

We were able to accomplish a lot of the stuff that we planned to get done, and we have seen the Lord blessing us along the way. But, we have eaten wayyyyy toooo much!

On Sunday last week, we told the members that we did not have any electricity, and they responded by inviting us over to eat a lot of hot meals. 🙂 🙂 Almost every day this last week we ate with someone different, and we ate A LOT! It was so kind of the members to react in such a loving way to our situation. It was fun to be able to see a lot of the members in their homes and to share a message to help strengthen them in their faith. The Lord Loves his children, and he knows what they need. It seems strange that people having us over to eat blesses them or is the Lords will, but it truly is. I have seen it this week; we have been able to strengthen the members and talk to them and share things with them so that they may feel loved. It has been a humbling experience to share the Lords words with these people. I have realized more about what a missionary call is all about. I have been set apart to help bring others to Christ, to be his hands here on earth. It doesn’t only mean the nonmembers or the Lost sheep that have strayed away from the Church, but it also includes helping even the strongest and most active members and their families. I pray that I will always be a good and willing servant for the Lord that the Lord might produce miracles through me. I see them, very often, almost daily.

Something beautiful about the Lord is that he cares about us no matter what our situation. If our power was working many of those people might not have had the chance to receive us in their homes and hear what the Lord has inspired us to share. I am super grateful for that. I had never looked this as a lesson in this way until I started writing this post today, but, I know it’s true, and I am thankful for it.

This week we were also able to help our friend from Senegal do some work in his Garden and prepare a place to build a patio. We spent a significant portion of the day working there; he then asked if we could stay for dinner and we readily agreed. 🙂 He and his wife are wonderful
People; they have a beautiful little girl who is four years old.  They
are always willing to have us come over and discuss and share a meal
together and for that, we are so grateful,  but… One night this last
We stopped by to say hi for a few minutes and then the wife comes
into the room and says she is making dinner, and we will be eating with them, we were not going to say no! 🙂 🙂 but there was one problem…We had another dinner appointment right after… We text the people for the 2nd meeting saying we might be a bit late. 🙂 🙂 We eat dinner with this amazing family, and then we go to see a member who was had also prepared us dinner. We eat again! 🙂 🙂 I don’t know how it was physically possible to eat like we had to but we accomplished the task!

We were able to teach a couple of other people this week and have some great discussions about the Bible and the creation which are always a great experience!

Another thing is there is a member who was in Montpellier when I first
arrived in the mission; She was the very first member that I visited in France! Her family lives here, in Tarbes, so she was here the last few weeks to see her family.  It was unbelievable because her as she and me had become really good friends near the start of my mission.  She
speaks good English she was able to help me a lot when I was new and then when she learned I was here she called me and said she was coming to Tarbes. We had a great time with her family the last couple of weeks, and it was her family who served us beef tongue!
Sadly on Saturday, she had to leave back to Paris where she currently lives, but we went and saw her off at the Gare with her family.

It is always really cool to see people that we have not seen in a long
time who are still strong in the faith, it reminds me of the Book Of
Mormon when he sees that his brothers are still strong in the faith he
rejoices and that is exactly what I feel when I see these people, it
brings great joy and all I want is to hug them!

This was a great week! I love the city of Tarbes, and I am so happy to be serving here!

Je vous souhaite tous une bonne semaine et j’espère que vous aurez la
bonne chance!

Je prie pour vous tout les jours.
Je vous aime

Elder Peterson,
La mission Française de Lyon.


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