Transfers…..I am off to Manosque

Hello, to all my friends and family,

It has been a great week here in Manosque! I am starting to meet some of the members and the amis here.

The ville is super nice and it is about 1000 degrees every single day…. but I’ll pull through 🙂 :). Who knew there were high deserts in France!
It has been great to be able to do the Lords work here over this week. Its always interesting for the first week trying to gain my footing and get a mental map of the city, especially having a companion who has only been here for 6 weeks. We are both learning the city for the most part and it seems to be good. Guess what?  We have not yet gotten lost, so that must count for something!
There are some really cool Amis here, although I have not gotten to know them too well yet. There is one who was born in France, but whose parents are from Vietnam. She owns a shop that sells incense and little Asian figurines.  She is super cool and if we go near 5:30 before she closes she gives us cookies and makes us an herbal tea and then we are able to teach her peacefully in her shop. She seems super cool and down to earth, so I am excited to see her again soon.
The Branch here seems to be very nice but there are some less active members that we saw this week that shared some problems that they encountered, so we are going to work hard with members during this transfer. In the last few transfers, the former missionaries assigned to this village did not concentrate on member work so there was not a lot of member work done here.  I am excited to get a lot of it underway. I love working with members and while I was in Tarbes we developed a program of working with members. I have already seen some of the reasons I am here in Manosque and it is super great. 🙂
We got an invitation to share the 4th of July with an American family in the evening so we are very excited for that. Since it is P-day we are going to Aix to have a 4th of July party there with the Elder’s there.
This week we had a lot of planning for the transfer and a lot of contacting time so I don’t have a lot of news. Yesterday i was able to present myself at church and introduce myself which is always fun, I am excited to be here!
My companion and I are getting along really well, which is always important quality as a base for missionary work, if it is not going well between us, how can we expect it to go well when teaching others!
I love you all and I thank you for reading!
Love, Elder Peterson
France Lyon Mission
Manosque, France

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