Another Sad day for the People of France

13710502_10210230216258937_5449392129192409184_o.jpgQue la paix de Jésus-Christ soit avec le peuple de Nice France au cours de leur période de deuil!

As you all well know, this country has known so many sad moments in the past 18 months. It is always so hard to hear about these things when they happen, and we never expect these things to happen. As horrible and gruesome as they are, they seem to strike less surprise in our hearts as these events continue to be carried out.

It is true that as the years pass, the end comes closer, and I know that there will be turmoil and continued war in these final days, but it is still so difficult.

I have learned to love this country with all of my heart, might, mind, and strength and it hurts me to see these people that love others so unconditionally and would share anything with those in need, even when they don’t have a lot, are the targets and victims of these attacks.

I know that the Lord loves his children and that he answers their prayers.

After all of these attacks, over the last year and a half, it has become difficult to do any good contacting. Even talking to people is more difficult let alone that we are trying to introduce religious principles. They are hurting due to these terrorist attacks by individuals who profess to perform their “Acts” in gods name. They are putting up walls to try to protect themselves, and no matter what hope to try to introduce to them, they close up. It is so incredibly hard.

We went to see one of our Amis, and we talked to her about that, she is so open and loving. She seems to understand God and how he wants us to be happy and to succeed. She shared something that touched me. She said that while it’s true that people will reject us, we will be in the right place to help those who are ready.

Then she told us some incredibly great news. Last week we went and saw her, she had a friend over whose name is Tristan. He was not doing well and believed in that everything in his life was negative; he was so depressed. Just having that conversation was sad and brought us down.:( However, by the end of the RDV, I just decided that it was time, to be frank with him and said that we preach a gospel of joy and love and that the contrast to his views was incredibly huge. He had two choices either be sad and hate humanity or be happy and find hope in God. We ended the RDV on real terms but did not expect much out of it. She has been working with him for months to try to accept God and to begin to a new line of progress and start to pray, but he just wouldn’t do it! However… She told us the other day that after we had left, he said he would pray. He also stated that he would come to church and talk with us! It was such a huge miracle, and then she reiterated what she said before about our being there when the people the Lord is preparing are ready!

It ended up being a good week after all!

We got some great family history work done. I was able to find about six ancestors and to prepare over 13 names to receive the temple blessings!

My area touches the NICE sector (like right next to it) and because we are in the same stake after the incident on the 14th they read out a note In sacrament talking about it. They let us know that there were no members hurt, and did tell us that there was a group of members right on the Promenade des Anglais at the moment of the attack for an activity. They were not hurt, but they witnessed a very gruesome scene and circumstances.

The Lord was the most saddened of all that evening of the 14th; he leaves us freedom as our greatest gift, but it is the way we use it that causes such pain 😦

He is there for us, and he will help his children who are in need, he knows us, and I know these things.

Lots of love,

Elder Peterson,
La Mission Française de Lyon.


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