A Great and Edifying Week

Hello everyone,

This has been a very good week! Last Monday we spent P-day in Marseille where we all visited a famous cathedral on a hill overlooking the city. It was great to be able to see the beautiful sea and city. France is truly a beautiful country with such a deep and rich culture which has lasted over so many generations.  It is my prayer that its true Patriots will come out of the woodwork at this crucial time and help this country become strong and great again. In spite of all the opposition, we have the obligation to preserve our heritage and culture no matter where we may live.
Currently, the  entire world is being attacked by evil and national pride is being lost or seen more as stubbornness but in all reality it is healthy and it is what this world needs. The Lord has blessed us with certain unalienable rights and we have the obligation to support the work of righteousness and freedom in this modern world even when it often seems broken.
On Monday  night we stayed in Marseille with he elders there and we had such a great time talking and hanging out with them. Both Elders there are Tahitian, so I was able to spend the evening speaking with them in the French language.
The next day we made our way back to Manosque. It was a great trip after which we were able to see one of our amis who recently returned from a business trip that lasted the past few months. We got to sit down with him and talked to see where he is in his gospel teachings. It was a very spiritual lesson and we were able to find out that he has a strong belief that the Book of mormon is true and that it comes from God. It was so great to hear his testimony. He is currently unable to be baptized, as his divorce has not been finalized.  Once that is done he will marry his current Fiancee and make that amazing step on that path towards Eternal life by entering the waters of baptism.
The next day we went down to Aix for a multi zone conference, it was incredible! We had all the missionaries from the Aix, Montpellier, and Nice zones.  It was a great spiritually  edifying conference with some great fun, as well. We were helped to understand how satan is working here in France and got a better understanding of the French people. Why they respond how they do and how we can possibly help them progress by introducing them to the gospel.
It was super great for me because I have always seen that as such a high importance in my mission. I was content to speak about these ideas and share what we have used in our teaching areas.  We also spoke a lot about how to help the members and ourselves understand and accomplish all the church’s inter-region goals for Europe.
These goals are how to help them; Bring a Friend, Become Temporally and Spiritually independent and to Find and Ancestor.  These are great goals that will really help everyone here to progress in the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
On Thursday we had some great success we were able to teach 3 of our amis in a single day.
First one of our amis, Andi had some problems with booking a hotel, in England, so he called us to help him on the Phone. We went over and helped him and then were able to have a little gospel discussion. Then we went to see our Vietnamese friend who we were able to tech about Family history and the importance of our families and even a little intro about temples!
Then last but not least as we were walking down the street and a man stops us by asking in french “Comment va le proselytisme? est-il difficle ici?” meaning “How is preaching going? Is it hard here?”We started to explain to him how we can define success, It is in the number of hearts touched and the people helped and in using those definitions, we have enjoyed a lot of success here and it is quite easy. 🙂  We were then able to explain some other principles to him. He asked about our beliefs in Heaven and Hell and we were more than happy to explain these things. However, sadly he was just in passing thru Manosque and we will probably not see him again. But I know the Lord put him in our path for a reason and that he will meet the Elders again one day.
The next day we helped a member who was moving. We helped her paint some doors in her house and then move some furniture along with one of her friends, he seemed to be intrested so we will be going to see him soon.
In the evening we had our Soiree Jeux which took place at a lake this time. It was great fun and everyone had a blast and we got quite a few people to show up. I was so happy to see all of these people sharing these moments together in such joy. 🙂 We played some frisbee and bocce ball and then some volleyball, it was a great evening we had 4 non-members that showed up!
I had a great week this week! Thank you for reading, I love you all!
Elder Peterson
La Mission Française de Lyon

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