A Great Week for Picking up a New Bleu

Hello, Everyone!

This week was fantastic, here in the mission. I have seen the Lords hands working in my life.
On Monday, I went up to Lyon and spent the day with the missionaries that were going home and with the other training missionaries that were called to train. It was a really good time because a lot of the missionaries going home were my good friends, and so I was able to say some proper goodbyes and spend a few hours reminiscing together. It turned out that that evening they needed someone to drive a senior couple to the Presidents house for the departing dinner and I quickly volunteered my services and was able to drive a little. 🙂 🙂 🙂
We stayed in the office elders “Hotel” apt and we helped the elders get ready to leave and then we said final goodbyes before they went to take the airport express tram at 2AM. We get a call from them at 1:45 am saying the tram was not running till 4:30 am and alot of their flights were at 6:30 and were international so they needed to get going! We leave alot of the other people sleeping in the Apt and the office Elders and Elder Beck and I take the mission van and another car and start to shuttle all of their things and the people from Lyon to the airport (about 35 minutes each way). Then when we finally get them all there we have to help them all get to their gates and through security, it was a blast! 🙂 🙂 At 6:45, we grab some Starbuck’s muffins and watch the sunrise through the airport windows and then we set off back for Lyon. We got to the Apt at about 7:30 in the Morning and all of the other people were showered and ready for the day. 🙂  We went to take a nap; it was a splendid time being up for 27 hours total. I felt it was an unusual but fantastic way to serve the Lord here in the mission. Normally as trainers, we had lunch with other instructors and some afternoon contacting, but we were not able to attend these for reasons of needing sleep. As far as we know, all of those missionaries got home safely to their families! 🙂
That evening we had trainers Training discussion with the other instructors, it was a great, uplifting and spiritual meeting about how we can help the new Bleus understand our mission culture and become robust, and obedient missionaries.  Afterward, we all got Master Tacos for dinner and played some pool and ping pong to finish off the evening together.
The next morning we had to get ready fast and try not to be seen by the new bleus who were sleeping in the same apt. We went to the church and had an excellent meeting before meeting our new trainees. We learned about how to work by and with the Spirit, and how to teach the Bleu to feel it (which is the most important part of the instruction). As well as, following the spirit and just striving to be obedient and pure so that the Lord can use you as a sort of vessel to bring forth his Word.
Then we went upstairs and met the Bleus! It was a big group, and they went through one by one reading their assignments. A super cool one, whose name was Elder Mason went up and read off the City of Manosque serving with Elder Peterson!  My new bleu!
He is a cool, very motivated young man from Fresno California, who is striving to be a good missionary. His French language skills are fantastic, at church when he gave his testimony, all of the member’s jaws dropped, He did a great job and has a great drive to do this work.
That Brings me to the main subject of this week:
I have seen how the Lord knows me; he has given me exactly what I needed when I needed it most. I felt myself slipping, losing motivation and getting tired, maybe even a little Trunky. However, since I got this call to train Elder Mason my energy has increased and I feel young again. I feel so much more driven.
Also in the last couple months, I felt other things slipping, I was repetitive with my prayers.  I did not have the very edifying studies that I used to enjoy. I was becoming lazy, and I found myself occupied with thoughts of movies and music from home. Now, the Lord has helped me. He has given me this incredible opportunity to repent, I love Repentance, it means to change and put my life in order, to follow more closely the Teachings of Jesus Christ.
I feel healthy again; I Feel Spiritual again; I feel Close to the Lord again, and I know He helped me.  It was vital that I put my life in order at this crucial time, for this, I am so thankful.
A scripture that has helped me this week is in Mosiah 26, and it says:
Yea, and as often as my people repent will I forgive them their trespasses against me.
I know this is True, the Lord is there with open arms of mercy, and he wants us to Learn, and to Learn, we must change.
Thanks for reading,
Talk to you next week!
Elder Peterson

One thought on “A Great Week for Picking up a New Bleu

  1. My dear nephew. When you come home come via Las Vegas. I’m in sore need of some of your beautiful strength and testimony. You make it look so easy. Love reading all you do each week or so. They are lucky to have you there. You have such a great spirit. Keep up the good work. Love ya, Aunt Nan.


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