Hello, everyone!

This was a great week here in Manosque! We have been seeing the Lord bless us in some great ways even though we have been a little sick, like I said in the past, when someone in France gets sick, everyone gets sick!
This week on Wednesday, I was ill, so we had to stay in most of the day. Thursday we had zone training, it went super well! We discussed the importance of Obeidience and of having our loyalty to our Heavenly Father first and formost. It is easy to be tempted to do things, not even things that seem “very” bad, that however, means that we are not putting the Lord first. This is his work and as we strive to do it with a full loving heart that we will be blessed.
 I have given these 2 years to my God. I know that he blesses me for my service, what I need to do is to serve him with all of my heart, might, mind and strength and he will bless me and my family.
We focused alot on that, being very consecrated and we know that at this time it is the only thing keeping us safe.  We need to have the spirit with us, we need to work hard to have His loving direction to keep us from danger, we know that he will warn us.
I was really grateful a couple weeks ago for His loving hand in my life. I had just finished doing a baptismal interview in Aix for one of the sisters amis and it was really hot out, like 100 degrees and we decided to celebrate the future baptism with some ice cream.  We started off to the store and as we were walking there, when we were maybe half a block away, I felt the impression that we should not turn the corner onto the main road where the store was…. but I ignored it at first, saying ” well its like a half a block, I can almost see it.  Then, I take a couple more steps and I hear the voice loud and clear, “do not turn that corner, it is dangerous” ok, this time, I listened. I told my companion and the sisters that I felt we chould stop and go back the way we came and take another way to the store. I told them the spirit does not want us going on that road, and so we all listened to the prompting and went another way. We were able to enjoy some great icecream. 🙂
I dont know what could have happened if we took that turn, but I am totally happy not knowing because I know that me, my companion and those sisters are safe!
After the zone traning, I made a couscous and we all enjoyed the meal together. It was reallllllly goooood, not to brag but DANG! It was good!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
On Friday my companion was feeling sick so that day was also gone!
All-in-all. we had a good and spiritual week, but a couple days for rest were also had, being sick in the summer is awful, you just sweat non-stop!
Have a great week! I love you all!
Elder Peterson,
La mission Française de Lyon.

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